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Since 1975 present day, we operate in jewellery sector with our different style and orginals designs.

The name SÖZER shines on the whole world with our exclusive jewellery. We offer our products carefully prepared for eachh and every taste for sale through wholesalers. So we bring our products together with your good taste in the stores on the each corner of Turkey and all over the world. As SÖZER, our principle is go to beyond ourselves and to reflect the perfection of SÖZER glimmer to our customers with our ambition and artistic soul.

Las Vegas JCK Show, U.S.A Booth # B 39187

01 - 04 June 2018

Hong Kong Jewelry Show, China-Hong Kong

12 - 16 September 2018

Istanbul Jewelry Show, Turkey-Istanbul

11 - 14 October 2018

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